Short, focused, targeted and inexpensive reviews, ranging from an independent second opinion, a stress test of a project, some peace of mind, or confirmation of some suspicions or assumptions. This can be the only involvement that is needed from 360 or the start of a bigger recovery or change programme.

360 Partners has experience of producing feasibility reports, which could be on new development opportunities, the possible purchase of an existing facility, or the turnaround and transformation of an existing business.  Is the business concept feasible? Does it make good business sense? What are the real likely costs? What are the risks? What are the likely returns?

360 Partners has vast experience of setting up and managing membership programs. These could be for sports or other clubs they could be very high end, exclusive and private clubs or more affordable high volume offerings. The success or failure of membership programs will often determine the viability of the related business. 360 Partners have a proud track record in the field of high end membership sales and have developed and run membership programs for some of the most successful and profitable clubs.

From construction of facilities and clubhouses to setting policy and recruiting teams, 360 Partners has project managed many new sport and leisure developments. 360 have also operated and managed successful hotels and clubs both new and established. The services 360 can offer in both development and operations are varied and flexible, from project management to daily operations, from problem solving to long term involvement.

Marketing & PR

Sports clubs and institutions must be aware and pro-active with their approach to marketing & PR. Attracting new business, retention and maximising the value our of their current customers are vital in order for a modern day business to succeed. 360 Partners identifies where their client sits in the market, produces a clear marketing & PR strategy and then implements the bespoke program using their team with years of experience along with trusted specialist advisors that have worked with 360 Partners for a number of years.